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About My Yarns and Patterns

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I am Deborah Tomasello. I design patterns for knitters. Included among them are patterns for everything from home decor items to blankets, sweaters, hats, mitts, name it. Now, I want to help you design and create your own, unique yarn to use on your next project. You can choose to combine cotton solids with solids, or solids with variegateds, or cotton with Tencel. And now, I've added a wonderful Merino to the mix. Combine 2 or more strands of Merino (same or differing colors), or mix Merino with Tencel to create a strong yarn with a wonderful sheen. Even mix Merino with cotton! Add in all the color options, and you have nearly limitless possibilities.

While I have had a long-standing love affair with wool, I was recently introduced to cotton as a knitting fiber and, well, I am smitten! Cotton has a wonderful feel, and it works well for all types of knitted projects. It is versatile. Cotton can be used alone or coupled with other fibers to achieve certain looks and qualities. Adding Tencel to a cotton fiber adds strength and sheen and is perfect for knitting durable socks. Have a Deborah Tomasello pattern in mind for using this yarn? Create your own Colorworks by Debi kit! Buy the Colorworks by Debi blend you desire, and get the pattern free. Or choose to purchase my pre-kitted items, shown on the products page. Because the fiber has no "halo," cotton lends itself beautifully to stranded knitting patterns, allowing the colorwork design to show crisply and clearly. Also, cotton is a great option for those living in warmer climates and for those who can't handle or wear wool. It's perfect for year-round use.

Having listed some of the many wonderful virtues of cotton, in the end, I am still in love with wool. And I have added 100% Merino to the inventory. So, you will have even more options for creating your very own blends and colorways. You also have the option to choose from among the blends I have already created and still get one of my patterns for free. And you can see these listed on the products pages. 

I have published over 400 knitting patterns to date. Some are visible here and can be obtained through available kits or as inclusions in my e-Books. Others can be purchased in my Ravelry store. Browse through them, get ideas, and let your creative juices flow! Of course, I am available and eager to help you design the perfect yarn for your project. Remember, if you purchase the Colorworks by Debi customized yarns needed to knit one of my published designs, I will gift you the pattern either on Ravelry or via email as an attachment.

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